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Panel 2
Panel Discussion Two

Panel Chair

Giuliana Auinger


Global Strategy Group

KPMG in China

Topic: The Future of Retail Customer Experience: Marrying The Online And Offline Experience

Creating a unified, seamless experience between digital channels and brick and mortar gives retailers a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy. Digital transformation presents an opportunity for traditional retailers to improve the overall shopping experience for the customer.

While online shopping is convenient, customers are still looking for social and experiential experiences, which can be achieved in a physical store. With the adoption of smartphones and tablets, leveraging mobile strategies to drive traffic to stores (i.e., push notifications, coupons, mobile apps, etc.) will drive engagement and loyalty with consumers. The stores of the future will use data to personalize the shopping experience. Mobile technology will educate customer-service representatives with profiles on buying behavior, product preferences and demographic information -- driving more sales.


In this panel discussion, the panel chair and panelists will share with us their insights on how to enhance the customer experience by placing an emphasis on customer service and streamlining the customer journey that will drive loyalty in an increasingly competitive space.

Executive Panelists

Rasheed Shroff

Vice President

FOSSIL Brand Asia Pacific

Tracy Fitzpatrick


Indigo Living

Carson McKelvey

Chief Experience Officer


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