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Panel 2
Executive Panel Two

Panel Chair

Paul Jackson

Managing Director, 

Cyber Security & Investigations APAC


Topic: Privacy & Data Protection


In this panel discussion, the Executives from leading Financial Institutions will shed lights on:


  • How attitudes to data protection across APAC impact the development of RegTech

  • How RegTech fits within your overall data strategy

  • Which RegTech solutions will ensure compliance with privacy and personal data protection regulations

  • How Europe’s GDPR is affecting firms in the APAC region

  • Using big data and data analytics to monitor risk

Executive Panelists

Dr Lucas Hui 

Senior Director,
Security and Data Sciences


Micky Lo

Chief Technology Risk Officer APAC,

Technology Risk Management & Technology Compliance

BNY Mellon

Fuller Yu

Technology Risk Management

Credit Suisse

Minhaj Syed 

AVP Information Security

FWD Group Management

Martin Eber

Head of Business Information Risk, Asia Pacific,

Global Banking and Markets


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