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Opening Keynote

Andreas Schwarz

Client Development Advisor,

New York

McKinsey & Company

Topic: A New Posture for Cybersecurity in a Networked World

Every year, hackers produce some 120 million new variants of malware. While hackers are sharpening their skills, business is going digital with new technology such as AI, advanced analytics and IoT — that makes companies more vulnerable to new kinds of cyberattacks, in new ways. To increase and sustain their resilience to cyberattacks, companies must adopt a new posture—comprehensive, strategic, and persistent. In this keynote, Senior Executive from McKinsey & Company will shed light on:

  • The Global Threat Horizon 2018: New Security Challenges for Enterprises


  • Understand the Common Pitfalls of Corporate Cybersecurity and How Enterprises can Avoid them


  • Discuss why a Comprehensive, Adaptive and Collaborative Cybersecurity Strategy can Increase and Sustain Company’s Resilience to Cyberattacks


  • Explore a new model of Governance for Cybersecurity and Build resilience, Step by Step

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