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Opening Keynote
Michael Cheng_PwC.png

Michael Cheng

Asia Pacific & Hong Kong/China Consumer Markets Leader

PwC Hong Kong

PwC's Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019: It's time for a consumer-centred metric - introducing 'ROX'

As the technological revolution continues to reshape today's consumer markets, it is more important than ever to prioritise customer experience. PwC's newly released 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey found that businesses need to move beyond the traditional financial metrics and introduce a consumer-centred metric - return on experience (ROX).

Our survey results also pointed to the steady encroachment of digital technologies into every aspect of consumers’ lives, and the trend towards greater emphasis on experience-based attributes such as ease of payment and convenience of in-store navigation. It follows that business success will hinge on how well organisations are equipped in measuring and delivering superior customer experience. Retailers are urged to drop the ROI blinders and begin embracing the ROX metrics in their strategy formulation, if they are to win the hearts of today’s experience-hunting consumers.

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