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Keynote 4
Keynote 4

Paul Serrano

Chief Evangelist APJ


Executive Leadership and Digital Disruption in the Multi-Cloud Era


New waves of disruptive technologies are giving IT leaders new opportunities to provide strategic value to their firms. Simultaneously, the consumerization of technology is requiring organizations to rethink how they deliver, manage and measure services. How, as an IT leader, can you carve a path for navigating these new issues – and produce substantial business value?   With enterprises embracing digital transformation as mainstream strategy, technologies like IOT, Big Data, born in the cloud applications and more are redefining global business models. These new age technologies need an agile infrastructure incorporating Hybrid & Multi-cloud infrastructures to drive borderless growth and improve productivity and efficiency. This session, hosted by our senior technologist has performed in various capacities, including CEO, CTO and executive level strategist roles  He will provide insights on how to leverage emerging digital and cloud technologies and drive your firm’s competitive advantage in a dynamic environment using multi-cloud operating systems as a strategy.

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