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Part II - Keynote 2
Ashish Thapar_Verizon.png

Ashish Thapar

Managing Principal & Head,

APJ Region, Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC)

Verizon Business Group

Stayin’ Alive - Shifting gears to transition from Chaos to Control

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed temporarily, and possibly forever, the way we view and conduct business. Organizations are forced to increasingly relying on their online presence and adopting different cloud based solutions, use of third-party vendors, etc., in a very rapid manner. Any time there is change, there exists potential for confusion, omissions and mistakes. When one adds to that dangerous concoction of digital transformation the additional ingredient of large-scale remote work enablement, it can easily spell disaster. Attackers are trying best to evade automated defenses. With the rise of 0-day or even fileless attacks, it's harder than ever to protect data & endpoints with confidence and preventing / detecting these attacks are a huge drain on an organization’s resources.  This session will attempt to share the insights from the trends and statistics from the world of data breach investigations, highlight the common challenges enterprises face while also covering some pragmatic strategic and tactical countermeasures.  

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