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Part II - Keynote 6
Pat Chiu_Tufin.png

Pat Chiu

Pre-Sales Engineer

Tufin Technologies North Asia

Securing Hybrid Cloud Environment Without Compromising Business Agility


Today’s enterprises are rapidly moving workloads to the cloud to bring products to market quicker, be more responsive to customers’ needs, and to take advantage of business opportunities. But, all too often in today’s dynamic cloud development environments, developers have the ability to build and deploy applications, totally bypassing security. As a result, security teams find themselves with complex, fragmented networks, and lack the visibility and control required to ensure security and compliance. Ensuring the security and compliance of cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments, including Kubernetes, Tufin provides security policy visibility, automated security policy discovery and generation, and the ability to establish a zero trust security model, without compromising the business agility benefits of moving to the cloud or developer productivity

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