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Keynote 6
Anthony Law_Thales.png

Anthony Law

Senior Security Consultant

Thales DIS CPL

2021 Data Threat Landscape in Asia Pacific and Hong Kong


Based on the findings from 2021 Thales Data Threat Report, the global pandemic has had a significant impact on data security with accelerated cloud migration and increased remote working. Many organizations were unprepared for these security challenges. In fact, according to the report only 20% of IT professionals said their security infrastructure was very prepared for the effects of the pandemic. Even with the challenges over the past year, security professionals were already adapting to better secure and protect access to data in the cloud. In this session Anthony will cover the following data security topics:


  • What are the top data threat risks in APAC and Hong Kong?

  • How much does a data breach and ransomware incident cost customer in APAC?

  • What are the data security best practices to protect you against these threats?

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