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Panel 2
Executive Panel Two

Panel Chair

Paul Jackson_Kroll.png

Paul Jackson

Managing Director, 

Cyber Security & Investigations APAC


ReThinking Cybersecurity and Privacy in the Digital Age

Technology push could open HK financial institutions to more cyberattacks in 2019. Threat levels are continuing to rise simply because FSIs are collecting and processing more and more valuable data. The swelling value of the data is encouraging attackers to develop new and even more sophisticated tools and techniques to compromise an organization and pilfer its digital data. Organizations typically respond by adding yet another security tool to try and close the door. In addition, regulatory bodies are increasingly introducing new regulations that force FSIs to comply with a ‘minimum’ best practice. This perfect storm has led to a very fragmented cyber security landscape and having too many different stand-alone tools is starting to do more harm than good for big businesses. In this Panel Discussion, Executives from leading FSIs will share their view on rethinking cybersecurity strategy and privacy in the digital age.

Executive Panelists

Dennis Faerm_BNP Paribas.png

Dennis Faerm

Regional Head RISK ORC Information & Communication Technology (ICT) APAC

BNP Paribas

David Gee_HSBC.png

David Gee

Regional CISO and

Head of Cyber Security Asia Pacific


Jonathan Wong_Invesco.png

Jonathan Wong

Head Of Security and Resilience - APAC



Maurice Mo

Senior Director,

Regional IT Security

Prudential Corporation Asia

Jay Spreitzer_Wells fargo.png

Jay P. Spreitzer

SVP, APAC Region Information Security Lead

Wells Fargo and Company

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