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Executive Panel One

Panel Chair

Peter Outridge_KPMG.png

Peter Outridge

Head of People and Change,
Hong Kong and China

KPMG China

Leadership in the time of Coronavirus: COVID-19 response and implications for FSI

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate, FSI organizations should bear in mind that this crisis is likely to reinforce, in direct proportion to its extent and duration and maybe even more, a number of existing trends. Workplace dynamics and talent management, already evolving in a digitizing world, may be durably changed after an extended period of remote working. As they settle into their new routines over the next weeks or months, FSI organizations should consider this as a testing ground for what does and does not work and draw implications for their HR, organizational, governance and culture transformations.


It is already clear that technology leaders are playing a central role in navigating the crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, and technology is on the front lines of this crisis. Many of the changes reshaping how we work and live rely on technology. And because technology ties so much of every company together, technology leaders have a unique view into what’s really going on and how to manage it. The organization’s business resiliency depends on its technologies and systems, and technology leaders should assume the role of a crisis leader.


During the panel discussion, the panel chair and panelists will share with us their insights on the following:


Discovery areas include:

  1. Remote work

  2. People and talent

  3. Business continuity activation

  4. Supplier, vendor and contract implications

  5. Financial implications

Executive Panelists

Nelson Cheng_Blue.png

Nelson Cheng

VP & Chief Technology Officer

Blue Insurance

Carmen Casagranda_Cigna.png

Carmen Casagranda

Global Chief Information Officer

Chubb Life

Medhy Souidi_DBS.png

Medhy Souidi

Head of FinTech & StartupXchange


Donald Lacey_Ping An.png

Donald Lacey

Chief Operating Officer &
Managing Director

Ping An Global Voyager

Maria Sit_Sun Life.png

Maria Sit

Chief Client Experience Officer

Sun Life Hong Kong

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