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Keynote 6
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Miro Pihkanen

Board Member


Why Data Science Powered Behavioural Analytics is Critical to Modern Cyber Defences

Synopsis as follows: In today’s rapidly evolving digital transformation landscape, coupled with explosion of data, has introduced increasingly wide and complex attack surfaces for malicious cyber criminals to exploit. The keynote studies the aspects where traditional approaches are no longer effective, and how big data and behavioural analytics in the field of cyber play a vital role in the future. While there are technological advancements being made, they tend to be very specific with narrow focus. Ability to consider end-to-end joint behaviours of systems, applications and users will be pivotal for decreasing the time to respond to cyber attacks and enhancing early detection of potentially looming cyber incidents. With the cyber industry awash of jargon and hollow promises, we will discuss what are the key characteristics to focus on for investments in modern cyber defences.

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