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Industry Keynote
Part I - Industry Keynote
Alain Schneuwly_BCG.png

Alain Schneuwly

Platinion Managing Director

Boston Consulting Group

Boosting Cybersecurity Immunity & Unlocking Digital Frontiers in Today’s ‘Work From Home’ World

“As the curve flattens and companies begin to fight through to the next phase of opening up, BCG forecasts an acceleration of digital transformations to secure and accelerate eCommerce platform deployments, strengthen supply chains, institutionalize secure ways of working and enable organizations to become resilient to new disruptions.  While this presents new opportunities, it also presents unique cybersecurity challenges.

Our data has shown that proactively integrating cybersecurity into digital transformations yields:

  • 62% reduction in rework from the inception of the project

  • 40% reduction in development, operating, and auditing costs

Cybersecurity is critical to accelerating bionic digital transformations empowering clients to fight out of the economic trough ahead of their competitors.”

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