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CIO Networking Luncheon Two
Andrew Rubin_illumio.png

Andrew Rubin

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Achieving Compliance in FSI by Protecting Crown Jewel Applications

In the regulated world of banking, finance and insurance, organizations can no longer rely on traditional technology to remain secure and compliant. Thanks to SWIFT, PCI and others it’s more important than ever to map, isolate and protect from the inside, not just the perimeter. Whilst it looks complex, moving to the new paradigm is easier than many expect with micro-segmentation. To look further at this modern approach, Stanley Hsu of Illumio, the world leader in micro-segmentation, will highlight how to lock down critical assets without locking out innovation:

  • Why application mapping is the key to securing

  • How micro-segmentation is being used to ensure compliance and mitigate risks

  • How vulnerability maps can reduce the risks of a data breach

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