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Keynote 3
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Walter Hui

Senior IT Specialist, Security

IBM Hong Kong

Grow Your Business by Gaining Customers' Trust in the Insecure Digital World

It is no secret that businesses are looking to take advantage of the myriad of new technologies such as cloud in order to better compete in a rapidly changing marketplace, consolidate operations and reduce cost. Unfortunately, security is often ignored or forgotten during fast-paced digital transformation efforts, resulting in unexpected risks and exposure to cyber attack. So, in order to build your customers' trust and encourage them to forge an online relationship with your company, you need to go beyond standard compliance measures and adopt technology that made with your customers' security in mind. In this session, our subject matter expert, Walter Hui, will discuss on how to proactively protect customers' data (no matter stored on-premise and/or in hybrid/multi-cloud) and operate with integrity to win the heart of your customers and grow your business in the insecure digital world.

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