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Keynote 2
Toney Tse_IBM.png

Toney Tse

IT Management Consultant,

GCG Security Expert Labs

IBM Security

Battling Complex Cyberattacks with Intelligent Orchestration, the Unique Combination of Human & AI

While it is true that there are massive challenges finding cyber talent and managing a complicated SOC environment, new advancements offer tangible hope by arming teams with the technology and intelligence they require to triage, investigate, and resolve cyber threats in a faster and more efficient manner. Intelligent Orchestration is a powerful security capability that uniquely addresses all these challenges. By combing AI with human context, it enables faster and more accurate decision making to outsmart, outpace, and outmaneuver cyberattacks. Other than best practices, our subject matter expert will also share a use case on how to reduce average response time from 84 minutes to under 2 minutes with Intelligent Orchestration.

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