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Peter Lee_IBM.png

Peter Lee

Distinguished Engineer, 
Systems Hardware

IBM Greater China Group

Chapter II : Building the Cognitive Enterprise with AI, Data & Hybrid Multi-Cloud

With the latest IT evolution in the area of AI, Data & Hybrid Multi-Cloud, IBM perceived IT marketing is moving into the New Chapter where Enterprise will develop, deploy or migrate more core business solutions surrounding those evolving technology. AI with combination of Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) capability offer new way to unleash Data Insight out of Time Sequence Data or Unstructured Data like image, video or voice. The new Containerized Cloud solution will also allow Enterprise clients to deploy applications with catalog across Hybrid Multi-Cloud to maximize the flexibility, manageability, reliability and standardization of application deployment packages. IBM perspectives will be shared in this session to pave the way for our clients to build their next generation Cognitive Enterprise.

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