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I - Opening Panel
Part I - Opening Panel

Panel Chair

Sandeep Jadav_FTI.png

Sandeep Jadav

Senior Managing Director and

Asia Head of Technology

FTI Consulting

Balancing Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation


As digital transformation making businesses more reliant on mission-critical technology,  it also creates new network vulnerabilities by offering hackers more opportunities for intrusion. As the next generation network enables organisations to process and share ever larger volumes of data, businesses will find themselves more vulnerable to attacks, making it more crucial than ever for them to develop an effective cybersecurity strategy. Do organisations have to choose between digital transformation and cybersecurity or can they be both innovative and protected from threats?


Discovery areas include:

  • The Growing Cybersecurity Threat: Landscape to 2025

  • Balancing Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Priorities

  • Cybersecurity by design: why a Proactive Strategy is the wisest strategy

  • Making the Organizations “Human Firewall” Stronger with Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Enable Cybersecurity readiness: latest technologies to watch

  • Cybersecurity in 2025: Skills we’ll need to Tackle Threats of the Future

Executive Panelists

Kev Hau_Checkpoint.png

Kev Hau

Cyber Security Evangelist, North Asia

Check Point Software Technologies

Patrick Liu_Fusion Bank.png

Patrick Liu

Chief Information Security Officer

Fusion Bank


Steven Fok

Deputy Head of Technology Risk

Livi Bank

Harry Pun_Microsoft.png

Harry Pun

Cybersecurity Executive,

Cybersecurity Solutions Group

Microsoft Greater China

Ted Suen_MTR.png

Ted Suen


MTR Corporation

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