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Part I - Keynote 3
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James Morrison

HPE WW Distinguished Technologist, Cybersecurity


Cyber Security in the COVID-19 World


The COVID-19 pandemic has nevertheless presented a new level of challenge to enterprises all over the world.  Overall strategies are being reconsidered as businesses adapt to a ‘new normal’ of unpredictability.  Hewlett Packard Enterprise is offering a series of webinars to help you navigate this landscape and consider how to adapt your technology strategy to this new reality.


Tune in to hear from distinguished technologist, James Morrison of HPE. During this 30 minute webinar, he will discuss how cyber security has been one of the fastest growing segments of the IT workplace. He’ll explain how the current crisis has forced many companies to move their workforces into remote environments, and that this may persist well after the crisis passes. He will consider the new challenges and new threats that have to be embraced to secure corporate environments.

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