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Part II - Keynote 5
Patrick Lam_Druva.png

Patrick Lam

Regional Director – GCR & ASEAN


Don’t Assume Your Microsoft 365 Data Is Safely Backed Up!


Microsoft 365 is an essential productivity suite for organizations worldwide, but Microsoft is not in the field of backing up and restoring data. In fact, Microsoft recommends that you regularly backup your content and data using third-party apps and services. See section 6b of Service Availability within


Most organizations are unaware of the retention and recovery limitations until misfortune strikes - leading to loss of business-critical data, interruptions to business operations and the subsequent costs to the business in lost revenue, and unnecessary costs to recover!

Patrick will share

  • The hidden risks to cloud application data loss in M365 (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange) and what is at stake without third-party data protection

  • The advantages of using a cloud-based SaaS solution in comparison to legacy options

  • Real-world examples of [APAC] companies that chose SaaS data protection for better business resilience

  • How to secure and protect business data that is being created and accessed from staff working remotely

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