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Keynote 4
Cyrus Tang_Darktrace.png

Cyrus Tang

Country Manager,

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan


When Machines Fight Machines:
Cyber Battles & the New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

The cyber-threat landscape is changing. In addition to high-speed attacks, today’s most sophisticated threat-actors are playing a longer game – one that is silent and stealthy. Their objective is to disrupt operations, undermine trust, or simply learn trade secrets by going undetected inside networks.


Digital environments are changing too. Increasing digitization, the surge of IoT devices, and the cloud mean that network boundaries are more porous than ever. Securing the perimeter simply isn’t possible.


To defend against threats that are continually evolving, tomorrow’s cyber security must go beyond looking for yesterday’s attacker – it must find what it doesn’t know to look for. AI technologies have led to the emergence of self-learning, self-defending networks that achieve this – detecting and autonomously responding to in-progress attacks in real time. These cyber immune systems enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, can counter even machine-speed threats, and work in all environments, including the cloud. 


In this session, learn about: 

  • Navigating new types of cyber-threats, including weaponized AI 

  • Overcoming the limitations of the legacy approaches to information security 

  • Adopting an ‘immune system’ model for cyber security, powered by machine learning 

  • The power of AI to fight back autonomously against in-progress attacks 

  • Real-world cyber-threats thwarted by machine learning, including IoT hacks and stealthy insider threats 

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