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Keynote 6
Valerian Rossigneux_CrowdStrike.png

Valerian Rossigneux

Solution Engineering Manager

CrowdStrike Asia

Every Second Counts: The Clock Is Ticking in The Race Against The Adversary

Enterprises must be able to prevent constantly evolving threats, which require the most sophisticated analysis delivered in real time. Then, should attackers gain a foothold, security teams must be enabled to take fast, decisive action before adversaries “breakout” and damaging breaches occur. In this session, the speaker will discuss how to effectively differentiate appropriate next-generation solutions and applying the “1-10-60 rule” to effectively combat sophisticated cyber threats:

  • Detect intrusions in under one minute

  • Perform a full investigation in under 10 minutes

  • Eject the adversary or remediate in under 60 minutes

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