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Keynote 5
Henry Ng_Cohesity.png

Henry Ng

Senior Systems Engineer,

Hong Kong & Taiwan


The Myth about “Protecting your Cloud - Native Workloads”


The pace of change in the world of IT is accelerating. Organizations are increasingly diversifying their technology portfolios, implementing new environments, and deploying innovative new solutions. Enterprises are achieving this by enhancing on-premises infrastructure and leveraging new edge and public cloud deployments by implementing multiple operational and management tools across cloud, on-prem and edge environments. 


With its outsized growth and market adoption, the public cloud is a primary driver for much of this change. Despite the abundance of benefits the cloud brings, there are several challenges businesses need to overcome, including

  •        More and more data to manage and protect.

  •        A common misperception is that cloud data and workloads are inherently secure; that’s not true.

  •        And, uninformed and unprepared organizations may be vulnerable. 


Come join this keynote session to learn more about:

  •        How to protect your workloads in the cloud?

  •        The Shared Responsibility Model: What are You Responsible For?

  •        Cloud-Native Backup — Are These Enough?

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