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Part II - Closing Keynote
Deloitte_Miro Pihkanen.png

Miro Pihkanen

Partner, Cyber Risk Services

Deloitte China

Looking Beyond 2021: Perspectives on Transforming Cybersecurity

The COVID-19 crisis has put extreme economic strain on many organizations as they adjust to the “next normal.” With millions of employees working from home, it would be understandable for business executives to be focused solely on maintaining operational capacity and functionality at all costs. However, if cybersecurity is not built into their plans to recover from COVID-19, organizations could be seriously compromised in the short-term, and ill-suited to thrive in the world ready for the next challenge or opportunity. More important than ever before, organizations need to embrace a “cyber everywhere” reality and view it as the connective thread that weaves their organization, customers, vendors, and communities together—enabling them to integrate cyber into the strategic decisions organizations make each day.

In many ways, mandated work-from-home policies have supercharged digital transformation. It’s possible this period could usher in a new era of work where lines between in-office and at-home work are blurred. Those organizations at the cutting edge of cybersecurity now will be well-positioned for future growth in the months and years to come.

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