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Executive Breakfast Roundtables (By Invitation Only)

Peter Doherty

Principal Solutions Consultant APJ


Applying a Structured Process to Managing Security Threats and Breaches 

Your organisation has just been breached and you may not even know about it yet. How long will it take to discover it? Will you react in an unstructured manner or will you respond with a set of predefined processes to bring all the necessary players together and work with tools to close the breach and remediate it? The way you answer these questions will determine the amount of damage to your company will sustain so think carefully.


You have strengthened your front-line defence through the use many tools to determine that something unusual has happened. Whilst this is vital, it has created a layer of fog across all the incoming events that Security professionals struggle to scale to cope with.  With numerous security events now being detected how do organisations sift through the very important from the critical?


Once you have been breached, how do you manage the process from closing the breach, managing the stakeholders, remediating the breach and managing the communications? You need a structured process as the last thing you want to do is making this up as you go?


This breakfast keynote will discuss the best practices with consolidating the events from security monitoring tools, prioritising them in the context of the business criticality, automating remediation where you can and applying a structured process to respond to any threats or breaches.

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