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Panel 2
Panel Discussion Two
Panel Chair

Chadi Hantouche

Head of Cybersecurity and

Digital Trust Asia-Pacific


Detecting and Preventing Corporate Espionage: Keeping Insider Threats Outside

The biggest threat to the IT security of Enterprises is no longer the hacker attacking from beyond network walls, but the unruly employee already within them. According to a recent market research, it is now estimated that “Insiders” conduct more than 50% of cyber-attacks. What happens when a fast riser or even an uninspired employee decides to go to a competitor or launch his or her own endeavor? What data, clients or personal information is capable of being exfiltrated on their way out? This executive panel will focus on the identifiers and triggers that often go undetected and discuss ways to best defend against corporate espionage.

Executive Panelists

Alexander Boehm

Manager Hong Kong Security & Technology Risk 


Raymond Liu

Head of Infrastructure Development & Information Security

Lane Crawford

Farook OV

Director, Data Risk 

Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Jay Spreitzer

APAC Region Information Security Lead, Vice President,

Cyber Threat Management, Cyber Security Defense and Monitoring

Wells Fargo and Company

Hayato Tsuchikawa

Head of Risk Framework &

Operational Risk,

Asia Pacific, Group Risk Management

Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong)

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