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Part II - Keynote 11

Joseph Wong

General Manager,

Asia Pacific & Japan


The Cloud Modernization Platform for Legacy Systems. Motion is Not Progress: How to Modernize with Intent

Financial institutions need to innovate to remain competitive, but how is it possible when most of the data and logic is locked inside mainframes? With the HKMA’s Fintech 2025 initiatives, how can financial institutions accelerate the modernization journey? You can’t expect different results from the same old approaches. There is a better way. In this session we will explore the modernization approaches that are slowing speed to market. You will learn how to adopt a new modernization approach and build a true cloud-first discipline that enables:

  • Empowering digital teams to leverage legacy assets without any legacy skills or knowledge

  • Adopting the same cloud methodologies that you use every where else in the organization

  • Getting results quickly and continuously

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