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Opening Keynote

Tom Birtwhistle

Director, Digital Strategy Lead

PwC Hong Kong and China

New Retail separating PR from ROI

Over the last 5 years China’s retail market has experienced a digital growth miracle and while change has been dramatic it has mostly been one of front-office transformation. We are now entering a new era of retail where digital change becomes much more transformative. Digital is no longer constrained to just how we sell (eCommerce and digital marketing) but to the entire retail value chain. Success in New Retail means putting consumers at the centre, connecting everything and learning to operate with speed and smarts.  

In this session the speaker will help answer some of the key questions relating to New Retail:

  • Where are we on the innovation trajectory from Old, Digital and New Retail?

  • Why are the internet giants moving offline and how are they doing it?

  • What are digital retail ecosystems and how might they characterise what happens to offline retail?

  • What are Business, Technology and Customer Experience case studies for New Retail?

  • What are some of the key implications for brand and retailers?

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