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Networking Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only)
Richie Tan_NTT.png

Richie Tan

Head of Security Consulting, APAC


Accelerating Your Cyber Security Maturity


Maintaining security is a critical challenge for many businesses these days, as the landscape of threats globally undergoes a constant evolution and threat variants increase in sophistication. Security is no longer seen as risk insurance but it is now crucial for business continuity and growth. CISOs and CIOs place cyber security at the core of their business strategy, enabling differentiation and survival in the digital era. Across every industry, cybersecurity is in a state of persistent change, requiring constant innovation and intelligence to combat dynamic threats. It is therefore imperative that businesses revisit their security posture and define their ongoing cyber resilience strategy.

During this luncheon, NTT security thought leader will share the latest trends and insights on cybersecurity, as well as strategies that accelerate your cyber security maturity.

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