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Part I - Keynote 1
Harry Pun_Microsoft.png

Harry Pun

Cybersecurity Executive,

Cybersecurity Solutions Group

Microsoft Greater China

Reimagining Secure & Compliant Collaboration for The Future of Work


As the global response to COVID evolves, communities around the world have moved into an era of remote work, learning, and life. While employees in this remote work situation are trying to stay in touch with coworkers and customers using chat applications, shared documents, and replacing planned meetings with conference calls, they may not be thinking about cyberattacks. CISOs and IT admins need to look urgently at new scenarios and new threat vectors as their organizations become a distributed organization overnight.


The traditional perimeter security approach, supported by siloed security implementations, is not enough to keep your data and people secure in this new virtual landscape.


Join this session to discover the latest remote work trend and how to have effective, secure and compliant virtual collaboration in flexible and scalable ways with new technology.

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