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Networking Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only)

Matthew Kuan

Director of Solutions Marketing


South East Asia and Hong Kong

Connecting the Changing Retail Sector & Securing the Experience

The global retail sector have undergone massive change in the last decade or so, impacting mainly the brick & mortar retailers, forcing many to undergo transformation to deliver a seamless and consistent Omni-Channel experience from on-line to the shop front. With ease of access to information and knowledgeable shoppers, retailers are also faced with an uphill challenge in getting share of the shoppers wallet, this has rendered the collection, management, analysis and intelligent use of shopper information and transactional data ever more critical.

 While the retailers are busy undertaking this epic journey, dealing with the multitude of technologies and processes transformation,  it is equally if not more important that retailers are not lagging behind in their adoption of security that provides protection for both their business,  shoppers personal data and transactions as well from cyber threats, which have detrimental effects, resulting in losses that adds up to millions or even billions of dollars.  

So why are these cyber threats scenarios continuing to take place and with increasing frequencies and consequences despite the huge of amount of investments made by some retailers in security.

 Join us to find out why is this the case, how and what you need to do to get out of this vicious cycle and not let your business appear on the front page of new for the wrong reasons.

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