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Keynote 1

Topic: Convergence of Data Protection: How Regulation & Bad Users are Shaping Technology

In the new ear of business speed to market is everything. Our businesses and our employees are trying to deliver better results, better products and better services faster than ever and depend on technology to enable them to do so. The old paradigms of waterfall development and complex IT project delivery are tolerated by users or the business, driving massive adoption of cloud and collaboration technologies. Unfortunately, most InfoSec frameworks, have been slow to adapt to this paradigm shift, with many controls not fitting effectively into the users technology landscape. This problem has been recognised by security specialists and regulators alike and now we are seeing shifts not just in the tools, but both the methodologies and legal frameworks. This talk examines how this convergence of cloud services and rogue users is changing the data protection landscape and how we can rethink security in a cloud generation. 

Nick Savvides

Cyber Security Strategist, APJ 


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