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Keynote 2
Keynote 2

Rock Carter

Marketing Director

Industry Solutions - Retail 

AT&T Global Business

The Shift in Digital Transformation to support the Future of Retail 

Retail is evolving, and technology is at the core of its evolution.  Today’s retailers are using mobile channels to connect to the brands and products they like. The value of a truly consumer-centric platform that integrates all the elements intrinsic to a retail business becomes important.  The drive is to reduce hardware and its associated costs and management on-site to create a more open environment.  Retailers should have agility to manage throughput costs across seasons and reduce operating overhead in their environment so they can compete when and where they need to be in the dynamic industry. Learn more on how our AT&T Platform Architecture enables retailers to implement digital initiatives with the potential to help improve customers experience and support the future of retail.

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