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Networking Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only) 

Prakash Krishnamoorthy

Category Manager for Security and Routing for APJ

Aruba Networks,

a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Topic: Protection from the Edge, to the Core, to the Cloud 


Corporate spending to protect their infrastructure and Intellectual Property has been increasing year after year, but at the same time the intruders are getting smarter. What is frightening is that in most if not all cases, the enterprise that was breached gets to know about these from third parties. Most security solutions on the market today are a myriad of security technologies designed for yesterday’s perimeter-based, closed and static environments. This requires IT and security operations to create a  security solution that stitches together firewalls to IPS to access control to anti-malware to analytics. ARUBA 360 SECURE is a different design approach to connecting and securing networks thru an analytics-driven active cyber protection and secure access driven by the demands of enterprise mobility, BYOD, cloud and IoT. This  security framework  gives security and IT teams an integrated way to gain back visibility and control, it allows them to detect gestating attacks with machine learned intelligence, and proactively respond to these advanced cyberattacks across any infrastructure – with the enterprise scale to protect millions of users and devices and secure vast amounts of distributed data.

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