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Part I - Keynote 2 

Anthony J. Scriffignano, Ph.D. 

Senior Vice President,

Chief Data Scientist,

Dun & Bradstreet​

Hyperdisruption: Making decisions in the Context of Global Change


Financial services decision-makers today are faced with the inconvenient reality that the skills of the past are not sufficient to succeed in the present. Disruption can overwhelm our time to react, causing conflicting strategies and actions to amplify the challenge. Supply chain disruption, massive infusions of government funding, infrastructure failures, changes in cross-border relations, and other factors are just some examples of historically unprecedented change.


Some of our challenges are uniquely man-made. New technologies posing tremendous opportunity and also ominous risk. Regulatory change is rarely able to keep pace with rapid technology innovation.


A critical factor in adopting effective strategies to make decisions in this context must include a renewed focus on data. Everything produces data. Even data begets data. . During times of disruption, data is also disrupted, so the data we are using to make decisions may not change fast enough.


Evolving capabilities to curate and synthesize massive amounts of data, coupled with increasing capabilities in Artificial Intelligence is bringing about amazing new opportunities and forcing us to rethink how we make decisions.


In this session, Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun and Bradstreet, will discuss some of the ways in which global change in the datasphere is challenging business leaders to think differently about making decisions with data. He will share best practices, discuss challenges and future risks, and explore models for problem and opportunity formulation that are helpful in this kinetic environment. 

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