Hybrid Cloud & AI Day - Keynote 4

AUTOMATE: Credigy Reduces Loan Risks through 100% Automatic Due Diligence with AI-Powered Hyperautomation


As a global specialty finance company, Credigy is required to analyze and evaluate mountains of data and vet supporting documentation for its investments.  In the past, due diligence samples check were done manually, which was a time consuming and laborious process . As a forward-thinking company, Credigy wanted to find a way to automate these tedious and repetitive manual tasks so its staff could devote more time to value-added activities.  And that's why Credigy chose IBM Robotic Process Automation with WDG solution which significantly improved the speed and accuracy of due diligence to minimize business risks with AI-Powered Hyperautomation.  Learn the best practices from Credigy to see how to apply automation to your business.

Casey Adams

Senior IT & Data Strategy



Michael Lim

Worldwide Integration Executive

IBM Automation

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