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Hybrid Cloud & AI Day - Keynote 4

AUTOMATE: Credigy Decreases Process Completion Times by 90% with AI-Powered Hyperautomation


Enterprises, especially in Banking, Finance and Insurance sector, were facing evolving demographic and regulatory challenges.  As more and more of regulations and compliance requirements come in, they require more and more processes.  Many companies tried using manual processes to manage its compliance requirements, but that approach quickly became too time-consuming.  And thus, want to find a way to automate its processes so its staff could devote more time to value-added activities.  And that's why Credigy chose IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere solution which significantly decrease process completion times by 90% with AI-Powered Hyperautomation.

Speaker to be announced

Director of Data Science

Wunderman Thompson Data


Michael Lim

Worldwide Integration Executive

IBM Automation

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