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Hybrid Cloud & AI Day - Keynote 3

PREDICT: How Wunderman Thompson is using AI/ML to Support Client’s Economic Recovery Post COVID-19


In this unprecedented climate, many companies are struggling to adjust to a ‘new normal’. Global digital agency Wunderman Thompson, who specialize in using data-driven human insights to help clients devise marketing, media and advertising strategies, created a COVID-19 dashboard to help brands navigate these uncertain times with AI-powered health and economic data. Join this session to learn how utilizing IBM Cloud Pak for Data on IBM Cloud helped the dashboard and its predictive recovery index look into recovery timing for communities to help them determine a healthy pace for reopening.

Sheetai Rishi

Director, Cloud & AI, WPP,
Integrated Account

IBM Worldwide


David Bartram-Shaw

Director of Data Science

Wunderman Thompson Data

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