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Opening Keynote 

Harrison Lung

Associate Partner, 

McKinsey & Company

Topic: Cybersecurity in the Next Era of the Digital Age

Eliminating cyber threats is impossible, so protecting against them without disrupting business innovation and growth is a top management issue. While sophisticated companies have recently endured highly public breaches to their technology environments, many incidents go unreported. Given the increasing pace and complexity of the threats, corporations must adopt forward thinking approaches to cybersecurity that will require much more engagement from the CEO and other senior executives to protect critical business information without constraining innovation and growth. As companies adopt new technologies like the IoT, big data, cloud, and mobile, security should be a serious concern and top priority.  As the increase in digital connections creates significantly raises cybersecurity risks and threat levels, organizations should build security into applications and interconnected devices right from the beginning.  In this session, the speaker will identify some key areas of focus for successfully addressing the cybersecurity in the Next Era of the Digital Age. 

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