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CIO Networking Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only) 
David Han_NTT.png

David Han

Vice President of Global Solutions

NTT Com Asia

Managing the Gaps in Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is quickly becoming our new norm. Yet it has the potential to create gaps in IT management, engendering challenges across clouds, connectivity, platforms, devices, applications, and vendors. In our modern dynamic business environment, IT delivery has become more complex and demanding than ever to fit benchmarks of agility, efficiency, and security.


Putting critical IT performance at risk – or, worse, failure – is a gamble CIOs cannot afford to take. In this luncheon, we will consider the transitioning role of CIOs. We will also look at how a one-stop managed IT partner can be a CIO’s trusted business enabler, enhancing IT operation management and service innovations for the enterprise. What’s more, we will share how Azure Stack managed services can empower IT agility, fueling innovation and speed to market with enhanced security.

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