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CIO Executive Breakfast Roundtables (By Invitation Only) 
Scott Brady Drummonds_ServiceNow.png

Scott Brady Drummonds

Head of Solution Consulting,

Asia Pacific & Japan


Empowering the CIO to Lead the Digital Transformation Journey

As companies embark on their journey of digital transformation, more and more executives are looking to consolidate their enterprise landscape to a few key cloud platforms that can act as the foundation to enable digital transformation. This consolidation and digitization of business work enables great improvements in business efficiency. And with high degrees of digitization it becomes possible to leverage machine learning.

Machine learning is a new level on the pyramid of automation businesses have been building for decades. By digitizing information and automating workflows, customers can start with simple goals of improving service speed. But the digital transformation with machine learning can impact much more. This automation journey supports most key strategic initiatives that customers are pursuing. Enterprises that get this digital transformation correct will be leaders in their industry and have the opportunity to take advantage of the vast power of self-learning systems.

In ServiceNow Roundtable, we will discuss the approaches to the following key areas: 

  • Understanding the levels of automation applicable in today’s enterprise, including AI & machine learning

  • Why increase automation simplifies business, improves customer satisfaction, and attracts key talent

  • Encouraging innovation in the organization

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