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Luke Ma
 CIO Networking Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only) 

Luke Ma

Head of Consulting, Asia

NTT Security

Topic: Future Forward Infrastructure for Your Mission Critical DataMore Threats while Limited Resources, How Will You Manage the Growing Gap on Cyber Security?  

Cyber threats are not going away where the changing regulatory landscape (such as HKMA C-RAF, China Cybersecurity Law, Singapore Cybersecurity Bill, EU GDPR) are ever uplifting the needs for enterprises.   The growing sophistication and complexity of cyber-attack further increase the challenge of resources limitation.  All these adding to the reality that maintaining an effective cyber resilient organization doesn't work out if simply adding up in-house resources.  It is also critical to acquire various expertise on talent retention, knowledge management, up-to-date cyber threat intelligence, as well as resources optimization.  Especially in financial services sectors, it is now even more challenging than ever to acquire appropriate cyber security resources, talents and skills. 


In this session, we will share the “2018 Security Trends and Predictions” conducted by NTT Security, to highlight the growing challenges of significant resources gaps over cyber security, how the market can react and manage such issue with managed security consultation in a pragmatic manner.

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