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Hybrid Cloud & AI Day - Welcome & Opening Keynote

Chun Yin Mak

Managing Partner & General Manager, Greater China Group,
Managing Partner, Business Transformation Services, Asia Pacific

IBM Global Business Services

Smarter Architecture is Smarter Business

We have built RedHat OpenShift, so that any organization could thrive in a world of hybrid possibility. Optimizing your strategy around innovation at speed for developers can transform your business, regardless of where your applications are deployed.

RedHat Openshift is a platform that is consistent across application models, across clouds and on-prem, and across an ecosystem of software and hardware, which allows you to deliver fast. Your platform is secure, proven, and ready for tomorrow’s innovations. From expanding your capabilities on a single infrastructure to deploying across a mix of infrastructure targets. OpenShift provides a single interface regardless of where it is deployed.

OpenShift Container Platform is trusted, enterprise Kubernetes, which is all built on top of enterprise-proven Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For OpenShift 4, we’ve extended the platform boundary beyond just managing application workloads. It now provides full stack automated management of the Kubernetes and the underlying container host OS, RHEL CoreOS. 

No longer do you need to manage the operating system separately from the platform. Instead, everything is installed, updated, and managed right from OpenShift itself. Join us on this interesting session to learn more.

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