Hybrid Cloud & AI Day - Keynote 2

Peter Lai

Cloud Practice Leader / Principal Architect, Cloud Application Innovation

IBM Global Business Services

MODERNIZE: Enhance Customers' Digitial Experiences in the New Normal through Application Modernization in a Journey to Cloud & AI

As your customers encounter new and better experiences in the digital world especially in the post-pandemic new normal, they start to demand the same or better experiences everywhere.  This means enterprises like you must modernize your applications and user experiences just to keep up, which involves not only delivering new applications, but also updating older ones to be capable of fulfilling these requirements, both technically and functionally.

This session, our subject matter expert, Peter, will discuss the challenges enterprises face in modernizing their application environment, key trends that are shaping application design and illustrate with customer stories, like Hong Kong Airport Authority, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), etc in the migration of their existing applications into a cloud architecture and transforming their development methodology to modernize functionality quickly at scale.

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