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KEYNOTE 10: Transforming Workplace with a New Digital Content Strategy


Keith Cheung

Head of Digital Solutions, Greater China 

Iron Mountain 

As the pandemic begins to ease, many enterprises are compelled to transform a hybrid workplace environment, especially in supporting a more digital way of work. As the companies are looking for the strategies to meet this new bar, they may find that digital way of working and the mass migration to digital channels has helped them discover unexpected savings from more cost effective operation models and even cheaper customer interactions.  Companies have also accelerated their tech enablement by moving toward agile operating models across the organization; by provisioning of infrastructure and delivery of applications; and by using AI to optimize retail footprints and sales forces, among other examples. But in many cases, effective content strategy is missing but it should be another classic strategy companies have used to jump up the power curve of economic profit and meeting compliance.  The way content and information is created, consumed, shared and archived has changed dramatically in the digital era. So, how does the best content strategy take place in the holistic view of IT strategy, what other companies worldwide are doing now?

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