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Arbor Networks
Keynote 6 

CF Chui

Principal Security Technologist,


Topic: Time for You to Reassess the Risk of DDoS Attacks

As most organizations are in the thick of transforming their operations to be more digital, introducing customer-facing web-based and mobile products as well as incorporating new back-end, third party services such as e-payments, DDoS threats to the availability of their networks, applications and services have never been greater. A lot of the regional branch offices (particularly banks) are facing real challenges: they confront the same global cyber threats as national or multi-national organizations, but without the same resources. DDoS attacks targeting network and application availability — frequently including ransom demands — are a perfect case in point.


The reality is modern day DDoS attacks are getting more frequent, more sophisticated, and are commonly used as a distraction during the data exfiltration stage of advanced threat campaigns. The unfortunately reality is that in many cases, these attacks succeed because the targets were simply inadequately prepared to stop them.


In this presentation, we will review:

•    The latest trends in DDoS attacks

•    Commonly overlooked costs due to DDoS attacks

•    And best practices in DDoS attack defence

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